Becoming A Customer

Subject to approval, TIWM accepts the following general categories of water for treatment

  • Third-party biodegradable wastewater and wash water, which include
    • Class 1 and Class 2 Non-hazardous wastewaters
    • Certain Class 1 Hazardous Characteristic wastewaters
  • Domestic wastewater
  • Utility wastewaters
  • Barge ballast water, and
  • Contaminated storm water

Consistent with Federal and state regulatory requirements, all industrial water cargoes must be characterized and approved by TIWM prior to shipment to our facility. Our account representatives are available to assist you with any questions on completing the proper wastewater profiles. A representative sample of your wastewater will also be required for additional analysis.

Upon internal acceptance, TIWM will provide you with a pricing proposal for treatment and (optional) transportation. Once a pricing proposal is accepted, TIWM will schedule your shipment to minimize the amount of time spent unloading at our facility.