Texas Industrial Water Management

Who We Are and What We Do

Texas Industrial Water Management (TIWM) is a TPDES-permitted wastewater treatment facility managing truck and barge quantities of industrial and marine vessel wastewater, wash water, and contaminated storm water. Located in the Houston area, TIWM’s Channelview facility is configured to receive multiple tanker trailer loads simultaneously, and can accommodate up to 25,000 barrel (1.0 million gallon) barge shipments.

TIWM has its roots in the barge wastewater and wash water treatment business. In 1954, Southwest Shipyard, L. P. (SWSLP) constructed its Channelview facility to serve the Houston Ship Channel’s maritime industry. It is now the largest barge cleaning and gas freeing operation on the Gulf Coast. A cornerstone to this growth has been the ability to treat and directly discharge wastewater effluent which meets all environmental standards. The current onsite wastewater facility constructed in 1991 includes primary oil-water-solids separation, biological treatment, tertiary filtration and disinfection treatment processes.

In response to the growing volume of third-party barge and truck wastewaters being processed at the Channelview facility, SWSLP began operating its water treatment plant as Texas Industrial Water Management in January, 2018. The facility operates continuously on a 24/7 basis.

Projects to increase primary and secondary water treatment capacity are scheduled for 2018.

Our guiding principles are,

  • Safety – ensuring the safety of our employees and customers
  • Regulatory Compliance – ensuring water discharges meet all environmental standards
  • Customer Service – striving to meet customer needs for water and proper wastewater disposal
  • Resource Stewardship – implementing new ways to reduce demands on groundwater consumption

Where feasible, TIWM pursues allowable water reuse options to conserve groundwater resources. For example, treated effluent is available for marine vessel ballasting to avoid groundwater use, and we are open to explore additional industrial reuse options with our customers.

Becoming A Customer

Wastewater streams to be considered for treatment at TIWM’s facility must first be characterized by completing the TIWM Material Profile Form and providing a representative sample. All water is pre-approved consistent with Federal and state requirements for waste management and recordkeeping.

Contact Us

TIWM personnel are available to assist you with new customer set-up and required wastewater profiling procedures.